NORTON SafeThings WiFi Router will provide comprehensive protection for smart homes against cyber threats

Significant threats to smart devices

During 2017, the research engine Shodan scanned over 25,9 million devices exposed to the internet in DACH and over 128,7 million devices in the USA. In DACH, about 4 million of these devices were found vulnerable to 60 exploits that could allow remote attackers to gain unauthorized access, while in the USA over 25 million devices were vulnerable to 45 exploits.

Disruptive technology at the gateway

The NORTON SafeThingsTM is an ecosystem: a platform as a service solution installed on the router, an AI-driven behavioral threat intelligence cloud platform, together with a user interface that enables users easily know what is going on within their home network from either a smartphone or computer.

With SafeThingsTM, NORTONis introducing a disruptive technology in an exceptionally easy-to-use package to secure the smart home. This AI-driven approach outperforms the current market solutions that rely on simple, static URL filters, or overloaded, inefficient deep-packet-inspection techniques. SafeThingsTMautomatically discovers and profiles all the connected smart home devices via using machine learning and dynamic rules, without requiring the end user to start a complex registration process. It identifies normal behavior for each device and category, flagging anything that could indicate an anomaly; and uses the NORTON Protection Cloud to crowdsource and communicate information on new and emerging threats to other routers connected to the cloud.

The NORTON SafeThingsTM WiFi Router will be available later in 2018

NORTON is proposing a dual model:  SafeThingsTM comes as a PaaS solution, as well as a router.

The SafeThingsTM WiFi Router will be launched later in 2018. It is intended for innovators and professional users that want to be one step ahead in terms of technology they use and how they protect their smart homes and digital lives.
In addition, the SafeThingsTM PaaS solution is a great platform for ISPs and router manufacturers to help grow their business. It can retrofit currently deployed routers, via Over-The-Air firmware update, or to flash new equipment, to provide smart home relevant protection.

Overview of Features and Benefits of NORTON SafeThingsTM

  • Integrated Router and Smart Home Security solution
    With security embedded, the


    SafeThingsTM WiFi Router is the heart of your connected home.

  • Autopilot security and privacy


    SafeThingsTM WiFi Router immediately and automatically protects all connected devices in the home networks including non-display smart devices such as smart door locks or connected light bulbs.

  • Artificial Intelligence powered
    Contextual analysis and machine learning is used to discover devices, block vulnerabilities, protect privacy, guard against IoT-specific malware, and prevent malicious misuse of smart devices.
  • Profile for normal behavior
    Identifies, with the help of AI and machine learning, unexpected device behavior and automatically act on these findings.
  • Assess Risk
    Calculates the risk and vulnerabilities associated with individual categories of smart devices.
  • Immediate Threat detection
    Applies security policies and counter-measures in near real-time to identified threats.
  • Device Agnostic
    Monitors all smart devices in the connected home, regardless of brand or type.
  • Reverse Firewall Technology
    Insures that information originating in the home stays in the home.

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