The access to Norton login access brings off multiple security features to protect computers and mobile devices. Users who leverage Norton Mobile security features know the ease to access the app. With minimal effort, you can protect folders and other apps by setting up passwords. You may not get such advanced feature in a free Norton security version. So make sure you have a paid access to Norton my account page.

Norton Mobile security

However, to avail the paid services, you must synchronize Norton my account on the app using the credentials associated with With Norton Mobile security, you cannot only secure apps data but also restrict unwanted people to access SMS. As you, synchronize Norton my account on the mobile app, you need to perform these setting changes.

Set up SMS Commands passcode in Norton Mobile Security

  1. Lunch Norton mobile app and do Norton login
  2. From the main interface, tap the menu icon and then go to Settings
  3. Under the Anti-theft section, opposite to SMS commands, tap on the slider button to turn on the setting
  • If you do not see SMS Commands option, scroll down on the page and you will find it
  1. Type the 2-digit SMS passcode of your device that you create for sending Anti-Theft SMS commands
  2. Tap NEXT and then press OK button
  3. Make sure you set a mobile lock password

Now, whenever you will go to the SMS box, you will need to enter the code or else you will not be able to check any of the messages. On a contrary, you only need to tap on the slider to turn off the features.

If you are unable to make the changes, make sure that your account on is active. You will require to do Norton login if do not check your profile frequently. To hold the admittance of account, keep accessing Norton my account page and keep updating the password in every couple of months.

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